Paige Turnah on BSX


When it comes to veterans, Paige Turnah is most definitely up there among the greats. She first started out as an air hostess at the tender age of 18 but decided to quit after three years to pursue a career in the glamour industry. Her curvy figure and big sexy ass made her a huge hit with the lads mags and Page 3 readers and paige found herself being booked for shoots nearly 7 days a week.

After doing topless shoots for over a year Paige decided it was time to take it up a level and started shooting open leg content for some of the prestigious top shelf magazines. She loved being being in front of the camera and it was clear to see the lens loved her too. After shooting stills for over a year, Paige found herself being drawn to the bright lights of the porn industry and decided it was time to shoot her first ever boy/girl scene. She was hooked! From there Paige went on to shoot hundreds of x-rated films and became a household name.

Paige was in the adult industry for well over a decade before she decided it was time to wind down and concentrate on other projects. She quit porn at the top of her game and decided to take a completely different route - training to become a hair stylist. Paige still crops up on webcam occasionally but spends a majority of her time launching her new career or partying with her Babestation besties Priya and Priya. One things for sure though, Paige Turnah will forever be a legend in this business!
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