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Preeti and Priya Young aka the twins - Preeti and Priya Young have graced our television screens for a decade, making notable appearances in popular TV documentaries such as Hello Stranger and the Channel 5 series My Mum Is Hotter Than Me. Additionally, they have been seen on programs like Babestation and other babechannel TV shows.

Amanda Rendell  - Scottish Pornstar Babestation webcam still features one of the legendary babe channel personalities, along with her sister Caty Cole.

Michelle Moist _ The Queen of not one but two babechannels Sexstationa and Xpanded. Michelle has made a comeback on Babestation, showcasing her stunning legs adorned with stockings.

Lori Buckby - an English rose Lori gained popularity in the early 2000s on babestation daytime and continues to enjoy success. She is renowned for her captivating hand thong shows, which are known for their intense climax.

Lilly Roma - livebabeshowThe veteran has worked for both larger and smaller channels, and is currently maintaining an active presence on Babestationcams as a MILF.


Where can I watch Babestation?

SKY 903 (Babes & Brazzers)

SKY 904 (Babenation)

SKY 905 (Get Lucky)

FV 673 (Smile TV3)

FV 674 (Adult Babestation)

Virgin 981 (Babestion 1)

Virgin 982 (Babestation 2)

If you have just joined SKY and you are experiencing difficulties accessing the babe channels, don’t panic. To disable the parental lock, simply change your options. Here’s a quick how to:

Your Sky box will automatically come with adult channels hidden from the TV Guide. To change this:

  1. Press Home on your Sky remote and select Settings, then Parental.

  2. Enter your Sky TV PIN.

  3. Select Family, then Hide adult content.

  4. Select Off to show adult shows, or On to hide them.

For more information to help answer the question, where can i watch babestation? refer yourself to the following link:  managing parental settings article on SKY.

Babeshow History

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UK Babe channels

There is a wide array of options available on the BabeChannels, catering to various preferences such as busty blondes, naughty redheads, and sophisticated brunettes. The UK Babechannels offer an unparalleled interactive experience that includes the incorporation of vibratoy. Join now for your exclusive, personalized one-on-one show.

Babe Channels: Studio 66, Rampant TV, Xpanded

Babestation TV premiered on December 4th, 2002, as the first interactive babeshow of its kind. Babestation beganwith a slightly blurry live broadcast, three women were seen seated together on a sofa, with a text box displayed on the television screen. Initially, it appeared that the models were not wearing tops or underwear. However, Taylor McKenzie made history by becoming the first babe show model to go topless during a live broadcast, which introduced a new concept to TV programming.

The Babechannels were initially launched in the general entertainment category of Sky. However, in 2006, they were relocated to the newly established Adult section as part of a revamp of the Sky EPG. At that time, there were nearly 40 adult channels and over 9 babechannels available on Sky TV.

SKY EPG 2006


906 Game Network - Babestation

908 FriendlyTV - Babecast

909 L!VE TV - Babeworld

910 Get Lucky TV - Babestation

911 Lucky Star - Babestation

913 You TV2 - Babestation 2

914 You TV2 Extra

915 Turn On TV - Bang Babes

943 Live XXX TV

In 2009, there was a notable advancement in the internet, enabling people to access a diverse selection of sexual entertainment, both live and pre-recorded. However, despite this progress, phone sex and babeshows remained popular, as evident from the Sky EPG. During this period, some of the babechannels had started to focus on more specific themes. It is worth noting that although there were only 22 channels available at this time, they managed to maintain their appeal.

SKY EPG 2006

906- Babestation

907- Friendly tv (Babecast)

908- Babeworld TV

909- Get lucky tv (Babestation 2)

910- Lucky star SexStation

912- Tease me (Bang Babes)

914- Over18tv (Hotel voyeur)

936- Sportxxxgirls

937- Sportxxxwives

948- tease me 2 (Bang Babes 2)

949- House of fun (Babeworld xxxtra)

950- Livexxxbabes

951- Blue Kiss tv

952- The other side (Babeworld MILF)

954- Northern Birds (sportxxxbabes)

955- Essex Babes (40+ readers wives)

956- LA Babes

957- LiveXXx - Sexstation

959- Tease me 3 (Bang Babes 3)

960- Chat Back

961- Just4us ( Babeworld live)

963- HBW TV (Working Girls Live)

As of 2023, there are only three remaining babechannels on Sky TV Xpanded TV and two babestation channels.

Studio 66

Many popular babeshow performers have experienced a constant shift between babe channels, transitioning from Babestation to Studio66. Conversely, some babes initially began their careers on Studio66 and later made the move to Babestation.

A multitude of attractive individuals began their careers on smaller programs such as Red Light TV before transitioning to more prominent babeshows. Studio66 Cams was widely recognized as the preferred platform for these individuals. such as Alice Goodwin and Ashley Emma who then left to join Babestation while Lori Buckby and Caty Cole started as Babestationt then went on to be stars of S66 TV

Rampant TV

With the increasing popularity of Babeshows on Sky Digital and Freeview platforms, several fan websites emerged. The largest among them was undoubtedly the Babeshow forum. there was also the based out of Germany, like the UK babeshows, also had details about the well-known Hotbird and European channels.

There were also sites dedicated to the models of the babe channels such as then in 2011 Rampant started. Cellcast had an agreement with them to air the Babestation and Sexstation web streams, and eventually they would also come to an agreement with Studio66 TV to feature their shows. The website offered webstreams of the babeshows as well as popular forums and information about the babe channels. Eventually, Rampant would produce their own shows like Hot and Wet and Latinas from Columbia.


Xpanded, formerly known as XXXpanded Xpanded offers a variety of live private sex cam shows and affordable phone sex that are available 24/7. Our platform features an extensive selection of attractive babeshow babes and webcam models. What sets Xpanded apart is the absence of any registration requirements or credit card registration. We provide a diverse group of seductive hostesses who are eager to engage in explicit conversations and undress for your pleasure.

Throughout the years, a number of highly sought-after Xpanded models have included renowned British adult film actress Michelle Moist, who has made appearances on Sexstation and BSX, as well as Studio 66 and the Babestation night shows.

Live Babeshows at Babestation

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What are babechannels and how do they work?

Babechannels are adult television channels that feature live broadcasts of models or "babes" engaging in various activities. Viewers can call a premium rate phone number to connect with the babe of their choice and interact with them through conversation or requests, providing a personalized experience.

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